Before completing the application, make sure you will be available to January 28 –31, 2019 and mark and hold these dates.  Decisions will be made by the beginning of November.  If selected, you must also participate 3-4 planning calls in December/January for training, scheduling, and preparation.  Each call will last about 1 hour and will be scheduled the selected parents in order to find a mutually agreeable time (nights and weekends are an option as well).

Participants are expected to take part in all of the activities during the trip, paid for by VAHSA:

  • Travel to DC train, car, and/or subway
  • Travel within DC by walking, taxi, and/or subway
  • Meetings with NHSA for training and advocacy updates
  • Meetings with Virginia Representatives and Senators = Hill Visits!
  • Night tour of DC sites (bus/trolley and walking)

After the trip to Washington DC, we are looking to build upon the role of the Head Start Parent Ambassador.  If you commit to this position, you agree to be an advocate for Head Start at the local level and where possible, the state and national level as well.  Advocacy efforts will be through the guidance of the VAHSA Executive Director by participation in events, social media and training.

The work of individual parents will include:

  • Encourage advocacy in their Head Start program and among the parents of that program
  • Collaborate with other Parent Ambassadors and parent leaders in the EHS/HS community
  • Participate in webinar training at the state level
  • Ultimately lead training at a local level, work with Policy Council for this
  • Participate in advocacy events when and where possible

 Tentative Schedule for 2019 Washington DC Trip:

  • January 28: Travel to DC, site-seeing evening trolley
  • January 29: NHSA training & prep, Hill Visits
  • January 30: Hill Visits, site seeing as time allows
  • January 31: NHSA conference until noon, return home late afternoon

Post-trip calls/activities TBD with the group & VAHSA Executive Director once selected.

Applications are being accepted until October 15, 2018. Click the link below to apply. 

Parent Ambassador Application