Head Start Birthday Celebration

On May 18th, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson said of his great experiment in education: “Birth in poverty will not mean a life in ignorance.” 51 years later Head Start and President Johnson’s the legacy live on.

To help celebrate this year’s birthday, Lucinda Robb, the granddaughter of LBJ, visited The Campagna Center in Alexandria Virginia. She is following in her grandfather’s tradition of reading stories to children. Lucinda shared that her grandfather used to read to children and bring them jelly beans.

A staff member, a parent and a community partner spoke with Lucinda about the work The Campagna Center does. The parent spoke from the heart about the support she has received from her family support specialist and while she is happy her daughter is getting an education, the attention and support she get as a parent means a lot too.

Christian White, Fairlington United Methodist Church, Lucinda Robb, Leila Firdawcy, Head Start parent and Chrystal Brown, The Campagna Center