Success Story: Rekitia’s Story

RekitaRekitia Ricks-Jordan, a resident of Sedley, is a Head Start success story from her first days in the program up to her current employment as a Head Start teacher at the Children’s Center.

Rekitia attended Head Start in Courtland as a child and admits she was “one of those babies that cried all day.”

“At first my grandma stayed with me in Head Start the entire day,” Rekitia said. “But I saw the patience that my teachers took with me. I owe a lot to them. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t think I would be the person I am today. They took a child that was spoiled rotten and got me used to being around someone other than my grandmother. As the year went on, I came to school by myself and didn’t need to rely on her as much.”

After Head Start

Rekitia went on to graduate from Southampton High School. She started working at the Children’s Center as a substitute teacher. She attended Paul D. Camp Community College in Franklin and earned an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. She then was hired to teach in the classroom she had been subbing in.

Recently, Rekitia was promoted to Head Start teacher. “That is something I really wanted to do. My whole goal was to be a Head Start teacher,” she said.

Continuing her education

Rekitia starts classes soon at Ashford University to earn her Bachelors degree, all while working two jobs. Meanwhile, she will use what she experienced in Head Start to teach her new classroom.

“Nurturing love is very important for them. You never know what a child has been through. When they come to school they feel that love from that teacher,” she said. “From an educational standpoint, I want to make sure they have those skills that get them ready for the school system.”