Healthy Goals for 2021 Agenda

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

 8:30 am  Welcome
  Dawn Ault Virginia Head Start Association 
 8:35 am  What's L.O.V.E. Got To Do With It? Engaging Parent's Through Their Passion For Their Children
  Pamela Waddell and Rashanda Jenkins— ICF, International
  Family engagement is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ set of steps, but rather a set of constantly changing interactions and relationships among families, schools and communities.  Family Engagement is most successful when it is coordinated and integrated across organizations.  During this workshop participants will learn innovative techniques and strategies for engaging parents in their children’s health through L.O.V.E.® (Listening, Observing, Valuing and Encouraging).   Participants will also explore the distinctions between Family Involvement & Family Engagement, how to develop your Parent, Family and Community Approach for marketing and planning  parent engagement activities and trainings.  Finally, participants will learn ways to create an engaging training using adult learning principles. Handout
 10:00 am  Stretch Break
 10:15 am  Richard Stewart - The Capitol Group of Companies
 10:30 am  Living Intentionally - A Little Bit Each Day
  Brenda Workman — Bluefield College
  It is easy to get caught up in the busyness of our day and just go through the motions. Years go by and we realize we haven't accomplished what we had hoped. Life is short. We must live intentionally. Brenda explains in this workshop how to live intentionally by setting goals and working on them a little bit each day. As your goals are realized, you become empowered to work on more goals. Make 2021 the year of change for yourself by incorporating eight tips for achieving your goals. You will discover you are able to live life on purpose and with intention easily, a little bit each day. HandoutPresentation
 11:15 am   Using National Central Resources to Build Capacity/ Exploring the ECKLC
  Brianne Broughman   ICF, International
  Especially while navigating the pandemic turbulence, being resourceful is more important than ever. This session will offer participants the opportunity to become familiar with the vast array of resources available on the Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center (ECLKC) to support individual and grantee capacity.  Content will include a review of the National Centers, how to navigate the site to access materials, and an introduction to key resources. 
 12:00 pm  Lunch Break
 12:30 pm  15 Tricks to Remember on the Hard Days
  Leaora L. Wagner — Central State Hospital
  Ever thought there is not enough time?  How can I possibly make a difference?  How do I get to my entire to-do list?  This workshop will discuss 15 key strategies of getting through the hard days to accomplish goals focused on self-care, resiliency, goal setting, and living in your purpose. Handout
 1:30 pm  OPEN your mind to virtual physical fitness
Sponsored by  Laurie Gombash

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This workshop engages participants as they increase their knowledge base about how to offer physical fitness and movement exploration lessons to children virtually.  Participants will receive resources and examples of fun, interactive virtual group instruction that focuses on increasing physical fitness in early childhood. Attendees will learn how to turn common household items into tools children can use during active virtual lessons. This interactive, energetic presentation provides movement-based activities that work toward developmental outcomes and indicators based on the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework. Handout
  2:25 pm  Wrap-Up

  Thursday, January 14, 2021

 8:30 am  Welcome
  Dawn Ault — Virginia Head Start Association
 8:35 am  Starting Strong: Supporting Sensory Motor Development     
  Gretchen Ward  — Smart Beginnings Greater Prince William
   In today's world so much happens in front of screens, but movement and muscle development is so important for attention during learning and building the motor coordination to be successful later in school. In this workshop, attendees will learn to recognize typical developmental motor milestones as well as ways to promote building strong muscles and regulation skills starting in infancy. Recognizing the implications of atypical developmental patterns and retained reflexes will also be discussed as well as strategies to support healthy development and when to seek outside assistance. Handout
 10:00 am  Stretch Break
 10:15 am  CACFP Q & A with Conchetta Yonaitis
 10:30 am  Facilitating Change: Motivational Interviewing Strategies
  Beth Beals  ICF, International
  Using Motivational Interviewing Strategies to Support Effective Conversations. Have you ever been scared to talk to parents about difficult topics or situations? How do communicate in a way that does not offend parents or create an uncomfortable atmosphere between the two of you? The conversations we have with others make a big difference in whether or not we are able to make and/or sustain change.  EHS/HS staff have an opportunity to assist families make meaningful change in their lives.  In this session participants will learn and practice skills to support the kind of conversations and relationships that promote individuals to implement and sustain change. Handout 1, Handout 2Handout 3Presentation
 12:00 pm  Lunch Break
 12:30 pm  Get Recognized for Your Head Start’s Breastfeeding Friendly Early Care Best Practices!
  Emily Keenum and Ashley Smith  Virginia Department of Health 
  Let 2021 be a year of healthy goals and growth! Supporting breastfeeding families has always been a Head Start priority.  Now Virginia offers a state recognition for Breastfeeding Friendly Early Care leaders.  Learn about Virginia’s evidence-based Breastfeeding Friendly Early Care model, and how you can bring this designation to your program joining 70 recognized early care providers across Virginia. VDH CACFP experts will discuss resources specific to breastfeeding and answer related CACFP questions.  Practical strategies and info for families will be shared.  
 1:30 pm  Designing Fitness Focused Play Spaces
Sponsored by Michael Fingeroth   Landscape Structures, Inc.

School Health 

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When it comes to healthy kids and healthy communities, it’s not a question of wanting to do the right thing; it’s a question of how to do it.  Statistics on obesity rates and sedentary lifestyles over generations illustrate the need for community changes and the importance of motivating families to be active. Participants will learn how to focus play spaces intentionally around fitness opportunities. 
 2:25 pm  Concluding Thoughts Wrap-Up 


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