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Finishing out 2020 with Self-Care Agenda

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Wednesday, December 9, 2020 

8:30 am Welcome


Dawn Ault Virginia Head Start Association 

8:35 am Guiding Social Emotional Learning Through Movement and More
Sponsored by  Laurie Gombash

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Participants will learn how movement can enhance children's emotional harness/ resilience and self-regulation through cooperative games as well as quiet activities. The focus of movement games is to facilitate the child's social-emotional learning. Come prepared to actively participate in movement exploration games and lessons that can be used during in-person or virtual instruction. Handout

10:00 am

Stretch Break

10:15 am Help Your Families Keep Their Medicaid Health Insurance Benefits
  Kent Berryman Anthem HealthKeepers Plus


This short but highly informative session will show you how Medicaid’s recertification process works so that you can help your families keep their state health insurance. Virginia is currently NOT dis-enrolling families from Medicaid due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but when the process starts again in 2021, thousands of VA families could lose their Medicaid benefits.  Learn how to help your families keep their Medicaid health benefits by attending this session. Handout

10:30 am Parenting Curriculum: Exploring Your Choice and Implementation Efforts
Sponsored by Karla Sprouse — ICF, International

Anthem HealthKeepers Plus

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In this session, participants will explore the Head Start Performance Standard (HSPPS) requirement regarding parenting curricula. The participants will also examine resources that can support implementation efforts as they choose, confirm, and implement a parenting curriculum. Handout 1, Handout 2Slides

11:15 am  Eating Whole Food Plant Based- Why Consider It and How to Make it Happen 
Sponsored by  Brenda Workman — Bluefield College

The Dr. YUM Project

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One way to incorporate self-care into your life is to eat intentionally. Vegan and Whole Food Plant Based seems to be the buzz words these days. Why would anyone decide to eat that way on purpose? Brenda Workman found herself with high cholesterol and high blood pressure during the Covid-19 pandemic and freaked out. She discovered her symptoms lead to heart disease. After much research and prompting from her doctor, Brenda decided to incorporate a whole food plant based diet. To her surprise, her health started to improve right away. Now she is no longer on blood pressure meds and her cholesterol meds have been cut in half. She is also losing weight slowly and consistently. In this workshop, Brenda will explain resources she uses, how she batch cooks for success, and how she eats out while staying on course. Are you considering finding a way to improve your health moving forward? This workshop will inform you and motivate you at the same time. HandoutPresentation

12:00 pm

Lunch Break

12:30 pm Outside of Your Norm
  Miisha Clemmons 

This workshop will encompass a variety of topics ranging from parent engagement, self-care during COVID, navigating the virtual life as you finish Q4 of 2020!  Participants will learn how self-care is needed in different capacities and how to obtain it as we are all "Redefining Normal." Also learn how this "new normal" can benefit you as you set your 2021 goals!  How can you incorporate some of the changes you have experienced and make it a positive change?  What are some of the revelations or situations that you would not have initiated on your own that have resulted in a benefit for you and your family? This introspective workshop will offer you the space to learn how to transform “out of your norm” into your “new normal.” Presentation

1:15 pm Building a Culture of Wellness: Starting with Staff
Sponsored by  
Megan Lopes  and Mona BurwellVirginia Department of Health

Anthem HealthKeepers Plus

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Early learning programs have an opportunity to build a strong culture of wellness for staff, families, and children. The first step in building a strong culture of wellness often starts with establishing staff wellness programs and initiatives. Staff have the opportunity to role model these healthy behaviors to children and families creating a healthy environment. During this session, learn about effective staff worksite wellness programs being used in Virginia, share best practices from the National Head Start Associations Staff Wellness toolkit, and hear from VDH's about evidence based chronic disease management and prevention programs that Head Start staff can participate.  Most importantly, you will gather and model some quick, easy strategies to promote wellness with all staff! Presentation, Handout 1, Handout 2Handout 3
 2:25 pm Wrap-Up


Thursday, December 10, 2020 

8:30 am Welcome
  Dawn AultVirginia Head Start Association 
8:35 am Building on Family Strengths During Challenging Times            
Sponsored by   Joe Preece — ICF, International

Anthem HealthKeepers Plus

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Participants will engage in discussions and activities to build their capacity to support families experiencing challenges such as homelessness, domestic violence, and substance misuse.  Presenters will lead participants in exploring resources and strategies for fostering strength-based relationships with families to support them in meeting their goals and building the school readiness of their children.  Participants will also explore their own biases and assumptions and identify strategies for establishing professional boundaries with families. Handout
10:00 am Stretch Break
10:15 am ACA Wellness Program
  Richard Stewart – The Capitol Group
  There has been a recent surge in employers offering a Wellness Program to their employees.  ACA Wellness Program offers a number of personal benefits to the employee, as well as a tax benefit to the employer.  It has a zero-net cost to the employee and the employer.  Employees can access the wellness benefits from their phone, tablet or PC. Handout
10:30 The Art of Self Care
 Sponsored by: Nicole Alexander — Child Development Resources & ChildSavers

 School Health

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Self-care is commonly thought of as something that is practiced away from the work setting. This session will bring more awareness to self-care and its effect on providers and the infants and toddlers in their care. The session includes hands-on activities to help identify potential stressors and ways to de-stress in the midst of chasing toddlers and rocking babies. Handout 1Handout 2Handout 3, Handout 4, Handout 5, Handout 6, Handout 7, Handout 8, Evaluation
12:00 pm Lunch Break
12:30 pm Challenging Negative Self-Talk
  Priscila Reggiardo  Prince William County Head Start Program
During these times of uncertainty, everyone has needed to adapt to a whole new way of life. Family dynamics, work expectations, and daily routines have all changed significantly. One may not feel adequately prepared for these changes, which can cause feelings of self-doubt and flood one's mind with anxious thoughts. This presentation seeks to identify common negative thoughts, the emotions they may elicit, and ways to reframe those thoughts into a more positive way of thinking.   Handout
1:30 pm Self-Care Starters for the Early Childhood Educator
Sponsored by  Carolyn Koesters, CAPF — United Way of Southwest Virginia

Anthem HealthKeepers Plus

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Join Carolyn as she shares some very easy relaxation techniques with simple breathing, a few writing prompts, some fun doodling ideas, and a focus on gratitude and mindfulness, all contributing to our well-being and community resiliency in this challenging time. Optional: please gather some writing utensils, maybe a few markers/coloring pens, and a notebook, to join us. Handout
 2:25 pm Concluding Thoughts Wrap-Up


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